I saw the most upsetting thing this morning, my heart is so sad.

I was on my way to work, sitting in traffic and watching this F*cking Taxi in and out of traffic (in the yellow line) trying to get like 5 cars ahead. He pulled out from behind me and raced down the side – now remember, traffic is stopped and there are a lot of pedestrians crossing here because it’s close to the station. Two children were crossing in between the stopped traffic, they obviously never saw him coming since he was going so fast and there’s not supposed to be any cars coming down the side anyway.

All of a sudden he hits the one child, it was so awful. This poor child was on his way to school, carrying a back-pack. Couldn’t be more than 10 years old, I got such a fright and all I saw was something shattering and the child falling to the ground. Someone ran across the road and picked the child up and moved him to the side, I phoned Frank who was a few cars behind me and told him what happened and asked who to phone. He told me not to stop or get out of my car because my first instinct was to get out of my car and hit the Taxi driver!!

Anyway, someone had reported it already and an ambulance was on it’s way but by the time Frank passed it, they were putting the (probably unconsious) child into the Taxi that hit him. My heart is so sad because that is someone’s child and who know’s how long it took to contact it’s parents. I only pray that this child got to help in time and that everything turns out okay. I’ve cried so much about it today, I feel so awful for this child and it’s family. I’m not even going to go into anything about how f*cked up our justice system in South Africa is…

On a lighter note, Frank and I are seeing Dr V on the 15th June @ 14h00, here’s a recent pic of Abi & Murphy…