It seems like I blink and another month has passed. They say time flies when you having fun, not sure how much fun we’ve been having but time is certainly flying!!

Abi is a year next month and Murphy is 16 weeks today! They are absolutely precious and bring us so much joy. Here and updated pic:

Frank and I have still not been for the chromosome bloods but it’s on the “to do” list. We also thinking about HLA bloods but I think we’ll wait until our appointment in June and chat to Dr V about it then. We also trying to decide if we want to sell our house or not, we’re trying to also figure out if we want to do an IVF this year….I want to, only because of what it may bring but that’s it, I really don’t know if I’m ready for treatment again and the scary thing is, the longer I don’t do this, the harder it gets to get started again. I think we have a mental block when it comes to IVF now and if we don’t push ourselves to do it then it may never happen. We’ll see, I’m keeping our appointment with Dr V for June, maybe that will help us get our A’s into G!

I spent a wonderful day with my most favourite infertiles (Sam, Sharon & Maritza) at Mangwanani day spa again. Fun and too much champagne where had by all:

In other news – Sian has gotten a BFP after many failed IVF’s – we wish you guys all the best sweetie! Thank you Leah for checking in on me, I’m absolutely fine just trying to do this “life” thing….

Til next time Chickens, I’ll try not dissapear again….