So it’s decided. Frank and I are going for our HLA blood tests tomorrow….

It took us a while to decide what we wanted to do but after chatting to SUPER SAM we’ve decided that it’s better to just get it all out of the way. The normal waiting period to get an appointment is between 2 & 3 weeks so I was terrified surprised when I phoned on Friday and they said they would see us this thursday.

I didn’t think that HLA testing was needed yet because we were set on doing IVIg or Intralipids with our next IVF anyway. But since IVIg and Intralipids are different and treat different issues and we’d have to decide which on to do without knowing exactly what we were treating. The difference in cost is also quite significant. I was just going go with whatever Dr V said we should do at our appointment in June but I know that if he suggested Intralipids then I’d wonder (not because I don’t trust him, because after this road we’ve been on I question everything) if we’d need IVIg instead and if our next IVF ended in a BFN then I’d blame not doing one or the other.

This way if our chromosome (which we’ll be doing next week) bloods and our HLA results come back normal then we’ll just do Intralipids for the NKC thing. If we have a problem with any of the results then we’ll take it from there. As Sam explained to me…it makes sense to do it this way for the reasons above and also from a financial point of view. Heaven forbid we don’t do the tests and the next IVF fails because then the next step would be to do these tests.

I’m also not that half baked, I have actually thought this through. We could just do IVF with Intralipids without spending R8 000 (or more) on blood tests and get a BFP but since we always seem to be on the otherside of the statistics we’re going with this plan. My mind was also made up when I phoned Sister Joy @ Vitalab to ask which blood test needed to be done first, she said either one. I then asked her to explain the HLA thing to me, I origionally thought that you only did the HLA test if you’d had a miscarriage or recurrent miscarriages but she said that us never having a BFP was a concern because it could actually be that we are having implantation very early but it’s coming away (miscarriage) by the time we test and since I start bleeding so early it’s a possibility. I don’t know, I’m not thinking of it that way and for now I just want to get these tests out the way so we can move forward.

Wish us luck, apparently tomorrow’s test is that pleasant because they take ALOT of blood. The results can take up to 2 – 3 months to come back but Vitalab says that they’ve had some back in 3 1/2 weeks so lets hope…

In other news, Abi is 1 today!! I’m so grateful for both my little bullies, they’ve brought us so much joy. Happy birthday my sweet girl!