I dreamt that I was pregnant last night. It was so real.

In my dream I fell pregnant natrually and I had to phone Dr V to tell him so that I could make sure I was on progesterone. I was at work and I told my two close friends in the bathroom, they were of-course overjoyed for me but I told them to just calm down because I was nervous so I didn’t want anyone to know. The only other two people who knew was my MIL and Frank.

I woke up during the dream to let the dogs out to pee and was telling Frank about my dream (this was about 2am), he squeezed me and we went back to sleep. My dream carried on from there….

I was trying to get hold of Dr V to tell him but for the life of me I couldn’t dial his number. I kept on trying and kept on getting it wrong, I was still at work and there was so much going on and I was getting so stressed because I kept on thinking that I need progesterone or else I would loose the baby. To top it off, Frank kept on phoning me to see if I’d gotten hold of Dr V because it was IMPORTANT….

And then I woke up….very strange indeed!