It’s been a while and I have so much to say! I don’t really know where to start….

First of all, I’ve stopped AD’s – i was planning on weaning myself off them from last Monday but I happened to get a bad middle ear infection last Tuesday and my Ciprolex was at work and since I was booked off for the rest of the week I went “cold turkey”. I’m surprised that I actually feel okay because that is definately NOT the way to go, I was feeling a bit tearful on Fri & Sat but that has passed too. I’m not sure if I’m ready for this yet but so far so good, it’s time to put on my “big girl panties” and move on with life. I looooved Ciprolex, I unlike Shaz, had no side effects what-so-ever, it helped to with day to day up’s and down, I still felt some of the down’s but it helped me to cope better….

Secondly, we’re cancelling our appointment with Dr V, we’ve decided to wait a while longer. We don’t have any results back yet either. I’ll explain why we’ve decided to wait in a bit…

The baby shower went well, i’ll post some pics in another post. I’m having such fun with mosaic’s, I’ve now made a Frame for our little boy and a few other things too…will do a pic post…Abi & Murphy are just the sweetest ever, they really do bring me so much joy! They absolutely love eachother and are just so darn cute…again…pics to follow.

Now for the reason I’m feeling okay. I was telling a friend at work about my last dream and how real it felt and she asked if I’d ever been for body alignment, I asked what it was and she said that it was similar to Reiki, just 100 x better. I decided to give it a try. Now, I haven’t posted about this because I know that not everyone agrees with this kind of thing and I really don’t want to be judged but it’s the reason I’m feeling so much better so here goes….

Have to run….will finish this tomorrow…promise πŸ™‚