I went for my office hysteroscopy today. Man alive, I really don’t know how people do more than one of those!! One word:

O . U . C . H

It was the worst procedure I have had in the three years of being at Vitalab. I thought that it would be uncomfortable but I really never thought it would be so bloody sore. Dr V said that it was better than an HSG. I don’t think I’d started this blog when I had my HSG but that was bloody sore too, I had a problem with the dye going thru my right tube and the Dr that did it was half-baked (thank goodness he left Vitalab since every procedure he did on me hurt) so I put it down to that. I was told to take some pain tablets before the procedure by some friends but I didn’t think it would be necessary and I don’t like taking meds if I’m not in pain, man do I wish I had listened!

Right from the start it was sore, now I have a very irritable uterus & cervix, they don’t like anything out of the ordinary been done to them, I cramp quite a bit after a ET and never like IUI’s since they hurt too but I obviously have a very low pain threshold. Dr V said that 10% of patients felt a bit of cramping, 10% had utter agony and the rest felt that it was fine. I couldn’t even look at the screen when Dr V pointed out the pollyp, I just wanted it all to be over. I started shaking, broke out into a cold sweat and felt like I was going to be sick. It was awful and the thought of ever having to do another one makes me want to run for the hills.

I had to lie down in another exam room afterwards because Dr V was scared that I was going to pass out since I went so pale, they brought me some pain tablets and I felt like a down right idiot for not being able to deal with the pain. Thank goodness Frank was with me, I had also taken the day off which was a very good idea!!

So in conclusion – office hysteroscopy – definately not a procedure I want repeated and Laparoscopy & hysteroscopy in about 3 weeks. I wanted Dr V to operate asap but Dr G is on leave so he’s swamped this next week. He also refuses to do a lap mid-cycle in case of a “miracle pregnancy” so I have to wait until the Tuesday after my next period….happy days. The lap should take place the last Tues in July should my body play nice but if not then I’ll have it on the first Tues in Aug which happens to be my birthday so obviously were hoping for a normal cycle this month!

I must say that I’m a “get it out of the way” kinda chick so knowing that I have to do another lap and having to wait 3 weeks is gonna be hard but what can you do? Time is going so quickly anyway and I’ll just have to make sure that I keep busy….

Murphy gets neutered tomorrow and for some reason I’m pretty nervous about it. Please keep my little boy in your thougths….