So, Little Murph came out of his op fine as rain. He still has stitches but they don’t seem to bug him in the least and if you didn’t know that he’d had an op you would never think he did, tough little bugger! Thanks for all the well wishes 🙂

Remember these friends, well their baby is due in Sept, a little girl. I’m happy for them but it turns out that Frank and I haven’t seen them since they announced their pregnancy @ 14 weeks. It’s hard, it hasn’t been on purpose, they know our “situation” so I think it’s been a mutual thing. The sad thing about it is that Frank and M are very close (he was Frank’s best man and Frank was his (twice)) and it seems such a shame to not be able to share this time with them but I can’t bring myself to force the issue so I’ve just left it and time has flown!

I got a mail the other day inviting me to their baby shower and the same old feelings came flooding back, I want to go and I have never not attended a baby shower, I’ve always sucked it up and gone regardless of how hard it was for me but this one feels different, it feels so close to home. I told Frank that I didn’t think I was going to go and you could have knocked me over with a feather when he said that he totally understood and that sending a gift would be fine. He understands now that being fine with this baby thing doesn’t mean that you want it in your face, all baby showers have become to us are a reminder of the fact that we still don’t have what we want the most. I know he feels it too, as much as you try and not compare the fact that we’ve been married longer and trying for as long as we’ve been married, you do. You try and not compare anything in your lives to theirs but you do and because Frank and him are so close, I think it hurts him too. What are your thoughts on this??

In other not so exciting news, it looks like i’m having a normal cycle for a change so I’ve booked my op for the 28th of this month. That’s still nearly 3 weeks away!!! I just want it over with now.

I’ve been playing around with lots of pics and here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Frank and I….thru the yearsFriendsOur Wedding: