Sjoe!! I feel like I’ve been swept up in some kinda whirlwind lately, time is running away from me and life is definately not normal right now.

With just over a week to go until our long awaited move, things have been hectic! It’s been stressful and I don’t know whether I’m Arthur or Martha at the moment but it’s all good. When I stand in my new home and look around at all the work we’ve done in this short time, my heart is happy. There is still loads to do, we’ve finished painting the inside, sanded floors, put up some curtains, blinds and kitchen will be done next week. The outside is getting a fresh coat of paint as we speak, the rest of the new curtains will be put up this weekend and security will also be done within the next week too. It’s a lot to take it but it’s good to see how it’s changing.

I’m still trying to pack up my current house in the times that I’m not doing stuff at the new house so it’s been interesting. My dogs are a bit unsettled with everything going on but we’ve taken them to the new house and they ran around like mad things which was nice to see, I think they will love it as much as we do since there’s so much more space for them to play!!

In other news, I was convinced that our DIY cycle had worked this month but it was not to be. I have one more cycle before BCP, who knows – a girl can dream can’t she? If this cycle is a bust then it’s BCP, i’ll be on BCP for about 36 days (you need to be on it for 21 days before starting stimms) because I’ll be waiting for the rest of the money to come in for our IVF. If things work out as planned I should start stimms around the 22nd Jan, that’s like 2 months away, it feels very surreal I tell you!!

Sam had her retrieval today, 10 eggs (well done Chicken) and so now we wait for her fert report but I really have a good feeling about this cycle for her, this has to be the one my friend. I’m also very interested to see how the gestone shots and estrogen patches (Estraderm) go since I’ll be doing all of that next time too, Sam is also trying out intralipids for the first time (ditto next time for me) and she’s handling everything in her stride, she never ceases to amaze me, what a special soul she is indeed. I love you my friend and nothing would please me more than seeing you become a mom!

I’m finally feeling like I’m in a better place about doing treatment again, I can’t actually believe that it’s been 1 year 3 months since we did our last IVF, it’s been the best thing for us. I can finally say that I have hope again, hope that this next one will be it for us. Frank on the other hand is battling with the thought of starting treatment again,  I can certainly understand that he’s scared to start all of this again because of the uncertainty that goes with this but we owe it to ourselves to try again and let me tell you, time waits for no-one!!! I have to admit that it scares me too, I have moments of sheer panic sometimes, when I think “what happens if Dr V is right and this doesn’t work” but I try and banish that thought as quick as it appeared because I need to try and be positive.  All our new home needs is the tiny pitter patter of little feet and finally, finally we will be complete.

Wish us luck, will post some pics and and update once we moved!!