My scan this morning was pretty uneventful, sort of what I expected. I have 6 on each ovary so 12 in total. My last IVF we scanned on day 7 for the first time and the results were the same, 10mm – 14mm follies and also 12 (today’s follies measured 10m – 11mm), lining last time was 9.4 on day 7 and today it was 9, so we’re slightly ahead this time, hopefully this will mean only 10 days of stims instead of 11 (yes, that one day does make a difference to me).

My ovaries are really starting to ache now and with them aching comes lots of peeing which hurts but that’s pretty normal for me too. While I was waiting to have my E2 levels checked I was thinking about how I feel about all of this and the only thing that comes to mind is that I can’t believe we’re doing this again. It’s neither a good or bad feeling, like Sam always says….it just is.

Scan again tomorrow, I swapped over to Menopur today and will probably start cetrotide tomorrow, we’ll see.  PS, I’m not asking about my E2 levels this time round, I’m leaving it up to them this time because this very thing caused me a lot of stress during our last IVF, I have no control over any of this so I’m going to just let it be (as hard as it is, you know how OCD I am) 😉

Dr V says that Frank’s sperm is the best it’s ever been with a 5% Morphology and a good count, that makes me hopeful. Now we just need some excellent eggs and we should be A for Away 😉 Please God, I don’t think I could do this again….

Til tomorrow…