Those are the words Dr J used when scanning me yesterday morning….”Wow Tam, you’re cooking with gas!”

There are A LOT of follies people, they haven’t been counting them since day 7 but I’d say there are between 14 & 16. Lining was a nice 12mm which I am happy about. I am feeling surprisingly good, my ovaries are sore and the nights are long but this time has been a lot more bearable than the last time by far!

I have been a bit emotional, Friday was a hard day for me. It was a combination of things, being scared that things weren’t going well enough, worrying that my E2 levels weren’t right but not wanting to ask, Dr V changing my GIFT day from Monday to Tuesday (even tho I said tuesday from the start), Frank and I having fights over family issues (thankfully not mine for a change)…like I said – a lot of things so on Saturday morning I had a good cry and got it all out.

I triggered with Lucrin last night at 8pm and again this morning at 8am, weird I know. I took my last stim on Saturday (Day 10 of stims) and my last cetrotide yesterday morning. The Lucrin trigger is a new thing for me, apparently Dr V says it’s gentler than ovidrel especially for those of us who are prone to overstimulate (OHSS). The thought is that you trigger 36 hours before retrieval, so retrieval is set for 8am tomorrow…

We will discuss what the plan is tomorrow morning, origionally Dr V said that we would decide how many eggs to put back depending on how many there were and what my E2 levels are. My E2 levels by the way (pre-trigger yesterday) were a whopping 14 612 people, I was so scared to ask but I had to know! This is an excellent E2 level for the number of follicles I have, unlike last years 9 000! This stim protocol seems to have done what Dr V wanted it to do, so now….we just need my eggs and Frank’s sperm to make nice with eachother in my tubes tomorrow 😉

The plan is to put 5 egg mixed with sperm back into my tubes (or tube – not sure, this will be discussed tomorrow aswell). 5 isn’t a risky number considering we’ve never had implantation but it is a scary thought, right now all we want is a healthy pregnancy with a baby or two at the end of it! The rest of my eggs will be IVF’d and whatever is looking good on Day 3 will be frozen.

So that’s it folks, we’ll be at VL at 7 tomorrow and hopefully GIFT will start at about 8. They are also planning to do my intralipid drip tomorrow which will be interesting just after a lap but I think it might be better to get it all done at once.

Frank and I are both feeling good about all of this, we’re a lot more optimistic than we have been in a long time and it feels good. Everything has gone so well and now we hope that it continues and that soon we’ll be adding to our little family. Thank you all for your continued support, those of you who have been with me from the beginning and are still around to support my journey mean so so much.