Everything went very well yesterday, we got 14 eggs so my E2 level was spot on for a change. We put 5 back into my left tube and now we wait.

Let me tell you my thoughts as I struggled to get seated on the loo this morning at 3am….I sat there in pain thinking, what the hell possesed me to do this to myself? Frick people, my friend Maritza was right when she said the GIFT isn’t for sissies….me, who is a self proclaimed sissy thought that I could take this in my stride. mmmm, not so much!

I was so bloody scared going into theatre yesterday, why only heaven knows but luckily I was the second one to go in and that was at 8am! The whole GIFT procedure took about 50 minutes in total. I woke up in recovery crying because I was sore and I wanted my husband, I just wanted Frank. They gave me 7.5 iu pethadine instead of the normal 2.5iu thanks to Dorris (the lovely lady that does everything from helping with scans to being in theatre) because say what you may, being at a clinic for so long has it’s benefits! She’s so very sweet, in my half baked state I heard her telling the aneathetist that this has to work because this poor girl has been thru so much which made me feel bad because there are people who have been thru worse. My aneathetist was so lovely too, she is apparently family of Dr G’s, what an amazing lady. She sms’d Frank while I was in theatre to say that I was doing well and that they expected it to be another 30 mins or so, she also phoned last night to find out how I was, now let me tell you, that is not the norm with Dr’s, we really need more like her!

They put my intralipid up about half an hour after theatre, they used the same needle that was in my arm already and having it in your arm instead of your hand makes a world of difference. This time it only took and hour and a half to go in and it wasn’t nearly as bad as last time (of-course this may be thanks to the pethadine aswell) 😉

They give you some low grade pain killers that you are allowed every 6 hours that seem to just take the edge off. I am feeling better and more mobile already but trying not to do too much. I started the 100mg gestone yesterday already, today we added estrapause (2 x twice daily), estraderm patches replaced everyday and ecotrin. I must say that a lot has changed since our last IVF in terms of how many meds they give you in the 2, almost 3 week wait.

Our fert report this morning on the remaining 9 that were IVF’d is 5. 5 out of 9 isn’t bad at all but it’s still early days, day 2 of the fert report is normally more accurate. Whatever looks good on Friday will be frozen. I truly hope that the same thing is happening in my tube!!

All in all Frank and I are very hopeful that this will work, everything seems to have gone very well, now all we need is full term pregnancy.

Thanks again for all your support, you guys totally rock 🙂