Here is a link that explains GIFT quite nicely.

There are many pros and cons to GIFT as with IVF and ZIFT. The reason we decided to do GIFT was pure and simple, we have transferred 7 embryo’s (2 blasts, 5 x 3 day embryo’s – 1 frozen cycle, two fresh) and we have still not had a postive beta. GIFT is supposed to be more natural in terms of the eggs and sperm being in the right environment from the start. It is thought that it gives them a good chance to use their and you’re bodies own timeline. My embryo’s have always been good, in fact with our last IVF we still had 14 excellent embryo’s on day 3, the problem comes in when we decide to grow them the two extra days, so hopefully being in thier natural environment will help. 

Bearing in mind we also did intralips for the first time, should a pregnancy be achieved chances are that we will not know which one was the factor that changed the outcome for us or if it was both, not that it will really matter to us 😉 Intralips seem to making a huge difference for a lot of people.

On the 2ww front, I’m feeling good. I haven’t actually thought about the outcome too much, it actually doesn’t feel real right now. It was a bit strange knowing that we would only have done our transfer this morning should we have done IVF so really implantation should only take place within the next week or so, time seems to be going quite quickly this time round, I’m sure i’ll be singing a different tune closer to test day!

My belly is healing, they really didn’t do the best job stitching me up this time…

This is the gift that Sam bought me the other day, it continues to make me smile every time I look at it. It’s a Willow Tree Angel and it says…with joyful anticipation…how sweet is Sam 😉 I love you my friend, thank you so much for being there for me during this GIFT even during your own hard times!