Sorry to leave you all hanging, my how time has flown! I’ve been so busy at work and then trying to keep myself busy by seeing friends on public holdays and weekends while fitting in some quiet time too.

Yesterday was CD28, one of the many pass/fail points I always seem to fail. Today is CD29 and so far so good. No AF Cramps or spotting. Of-course I am not naive, I’ve been down this road before, had all the symptoms only for it to end in a BFN. AF missing in action could very well be from all the hormones I am on. All the positive signs could be from them too. Only time will tell now.

I have a few days left to Beta, I never make it to actual beta day so this will also be a first. I must admit that the gestone shots are getting to me a bit, my bum so sore and bruised now that it’s getting difficult to find a comfortable position at night but I keep reminding myself that it will oh so worth it.

Will this be it, I sure hope so 😉