I’m on 16 days past GIFT people, can you friggin’ believe it??? I sure can’t

I have never ever made it this far, not with one treatment in the almost 4 years at VL. It feels so surreal and so bloody scary too. Today is CD30, in the past I have always had a full bleed by now, I keep on wondering if it’s just the hormones keeping her at bay or if  I am really the “P word”. I may as well move my desk to the loo with the the TP (toilet paper) checks I’m doing lately!!

I “feel” like this is it but I’ve been wrong before so I am so scared to have hope but I just can’t help myself. I never slept a wink last night since everytime I got a cramp in my tum I got up to check and prayed that it wasn’t AF, I don’t expect tonight to be any better.

What I do know is that if by some chance I’m wrong, Frank and I will both be broken because even he has managed to start getting excited and is saying things like “do you really think that it might be our turn now babe?”, I can’t tell you what that does to my heart.

Please please please, let it be our turn. One more sleep people, just one more sleep until our lives are *hopefully* changed forever!