I know I keep saying this but my word, this pregnancy is just flying by. I will be 17 weeks tomorrow, over 4 months with 21 or so weeks left until sweetpea’s birth.

I’m feeling so good, I hardly feel pregnant nowdays and the days melt into eachother and before I know it another week of her gestation has passed and my body is changing more. My breasts continue to grow and change and are still quite tender, i’ve been lucky with my skin too. I’m still tired at night and am in bed at 8 every night but that could also be due to the fact that I’m really battling to sleep, I toss and turn all night and when I’m not doing that I’m getting up to pee 😉

We had our 16 week scan last week friday, I cried so much at this one. I’ve been very good with that, I cried A LOT in the beggining weeks but things were so scary back then but this time, this scan was so wonderful. She’s a real little baby now, with long little legs and everything. She’s playing all shy with us and we have yet to get a good pic of her side profile and I have yet to see her little nose, she’s always lying face up or face down. She seems to be happy in a little ball, lying with her feet and head on my bladder like a little contortionist. She’s lying very low, hence me carrying so low.

At this point, everything is low and giving my bladder a real run for it’s money. She seems to like it all squished up down there and never moves up just side to side as that’s where I always find her with the doppler. Her heartbeat was a nice 150bpm and she’s weighing 163g which apparently is in the 36th percentile for growth so she’s still littttle 🙂 All markers for spina bifida are clear and i’m waiting for my blood results to confirm but gynea is happy with everything. Only thing that might be a concern is the fact that my placenta is totally covering my cervix at this point, she’s told me that as the uterus grows it can pull the placenta up with it and away from the cervix and not to worry for now. We will keep an eye on it at each scan and hopefully it does not turn into placenta previa. This is another reason i’m feeling so FULL low down.

I started feeling her move at 15 weeks, what started off as “a bubble popping” has become more frequent and unmistakeble nowdays but still very subtle. I love feeling her move and she’s often active at night, I can’t wait for Frank to feel her too!

Frank has been so sweet, he’s so very excited about his little girl. She gets greeted with a tummy rub or a kiss before me as I walk in the door nowdays, it melts my heart and i’m so thankful that I am able to finally give him this baby.

Of-course we have been on a shopping spree and everything is pink, it’s wonderful to open her cupboard and see! She’s going to be so spoilt by so many people that have waited so long for her. We will start on the room from about 24 weeks – if I can wait that long 😉

I’ve posted the last two belly pics too, I haven’t grown much and I think i’m quite small for where I am in my pregnancy, I thought i’d be bigger now cos I started off rounding very soon. I’m also pleased to say that so far my weight is looking good too 😉

Here is our unco-operative little sweetheart (top one with her legs over her body (not that you can see much body) and bottom one with her head at the bottom facing the scan