I keep on forgetting that I am quite pregnant right now, I look down at this belly and it’s hard to believe that in 3 weeks I will be 6 months pregnant, 6 months people…how did that happen 🙂 I’m carrying quite small which i’m not complaining about, it’s mostly in the front and is a very neat little bump. I’ll put up a 21 week pic soon.

I’m loving my body the way it is now, I love looking at my very pregnant boobs, the round firmness of my tummy. It still leaves me speechless everytime I see myself naked.

Our little sweetpea is moving so nicely now, kicking up a real storm in there. I felt her move on the outside for the frist time at 19w5d and from then on she’s made her presence known so much. It’s so awesome and always stops me in my tracks. Right now it’s still quite quick, except for early mornings when she moves a lot while i’m still half asleep, so her daddy has yet to feel her kick. I can’t wait for that.

Our Fetal Assesment scan went well, much better than I could ever have hoped for. I was so nervous and the weeks before that were so so hard. Dr Farrel is excellent, you can tell that this women loves her job. We started off talking about the result and she explained the things I didn’t know (I made a huge effort in not googling anything in the 3 week wait). Apparently raised AFP levels don’t only point to Spina Bifida. Firstly there are a lot of false positives but they all need to be checked because having a raised AFP level could point to:

Spina Bifida

A hernia at the baby’s navel

A tumor somewhere in baby

An infection of some sort in baby

Any bleeding into the amniotic fluid

She asks me how i’m feeling and I tell her that I am scared but that this baby is very busy so that gives me some comfort, she says that her being busy is a good thing. We go in for the scan, it was wonderful, she scanned me for a full 40 minutes. We got to see so much of our baby girl, she checked her spine from three angles and all three angles are perfect, she checked her liver, kidneys, heart, bladder, brain everything. Apparently many babies with Spina Bifida have club feet, as you can see from my previous post, she has perfect little legs and feet!

We finally got to see a side profile of her face, she has the cutest little nose ever! I can’t help falling more in love everytime I see her on a scan. She loves her face, her hands are always touching her face, it’s so sweet to see. Even this doc commented on how busy she is, we started the scan with her feet on my bladder and ended off with her head on my bladder and her feet up by my ribs. Little wriggler for sure!

She was weighing 360g and measuring 3 days ahead. Her tummy is measuring a full 5 days ahead, my little piggy 😉 She’s doubled in weight from 163g in 4 weeks so has had a nice growth spurt and here I thought she’s stay behind all the other babies, she had overtaken some of them. She was measuring 21cm and doc is happy. She says that she should grow about 160g per week now and should weigh around 3.4kg’s at birth but these are all estimations so we’ll see.

Other good news is that my placenta has totally moved up and away from my cervix, it’s now in the front of my belly and apparently in a perfect position. Yay!

My gynea was happy with the results and said that she will only need to see me at 24 weeks again.

We started her room, it’s so exciting. We got the cot and compactum on the weekend and so now it’s just finishing off some paniting and doing the finishing touches, I’ll post some pics of it once we done. It still feels so strange to stand at her door and look in, I can’t wait for my baby girl to fill that space. We have also decided on her name, Frank is calling her by her name when we are alone, he talks to her and kisses my tummy, it’s so sweet to watch. We are so in love with this little girl, more than I could ever have imagined!

Now we start looking at prams and all the other things, I know my baby shower is being arranged by some very special people in my life and can’t wait for that too! I’ve been lucky, this pregnancy has been good, i’m carrying well with not too many complaints, I’m really trying to enjoy it as much as I can!