Man alive, I can not get used to the weeks flying by like this! It feels like things are changing and happening so fast!

I am a week past the 6 months mark, with only 14 weeks (as of today) to go until my ceaser date and the arrival of my long awaited for little miracle girl!

We went for our normal check up at the gynea on Friday last week. Sweetpea is growing like a little weed, she’s now weighing 728g. Her growth in 4 weeks still amazes me and then I look down at my tum and realise that it’s quite obvious that she is doing what she should! It’s amazing to think that’s she’ll be over a kilo at the next appointment. She is lying with her head down already, spine along my left and side and her feet curled into my right hand side.

She is still as busy as can be and her kicks amaze me, she kicks so hard now that you can see my tummy move. Frank loves feeling his little Angel move and she seems to like her Daddy’s hand on my tum. It melts my heart to watch his face when she gives a nice big kick for him.

She still loves her hands at her face, so much so that we really battle to see her face nicely. But on Friday after some prodding from the doc she lifted her head and we got to see her eyes, nose and lips from the front. That was the end of me, I cried like a baby. I was telling Frank that as time goes by, I’m getting more and more emotional, everytime I get to see her I cry. I think it’s because the further along I get, the more real she becomes, a real little person.

After our appointment we went across to the hospital to book my bed, still feels like i’m living someone else’s dream here, they showed me the bag that the hospital supplies with all the baby goodies, they gave me a list of what to bring for me and her. Wow people, i’m really having a baby!

My ceaser date has been booked for exactly 14 weeks time. I will be 39 weeks then so I’m hoping she’s a good girl and stays in for her mamma until then. 24th Jan sounds like a good day for our lives to change 🙂

Things are happening in a whirlwind like fasion with so much to do and book. We will be finishing the painting and some of the finishing touches on her room this weekend, going to look for a pram and camping cot (for the first few weeks in our room). It all goes like this with our next appoinment being at 28 weeks, a 4D scan at 29 weeks, scan at 32 weeks and then every two weeks until she comes. Somewhere in between there are a maternity photo shoot and a baby shower….Eeeek!!

We didn’t get many nice pics, only this one of two little feet measuring 3.8cm….*melt* – I’ve said this before but I can not wait to kiss those little perfect feet!

Here’s a pic taken of Frank and I, I was around 21 weeks, bump has grown since then but I’ll update the belly pics with a 25wk scan this week 😉