Well well well, we’re a week into the 3rd trimester. Today is exactly 10 weeks until I meet our precious little girl.

To tell you that I can’t wait is an understatement, all I want to do is hold this little girl against me and take her all in. Frank and I day dream and speak about what we think she will look like, what colour eyes and hair she’ll have. Who she will be more like.

But then in saying that, part of me can wait too. To start off with, she’s only 1.2kg’s at the moment, measuring in the 33rd percentile for her age so she’s going to be (i think) quite petite unless she has some huge growth spurt. We want her to grow big and strong before she meets her mamma and dadda. Also, as organised as I feel, there’s still some stuff to get and do before her arrival. My baby showers (work & home) will be in the beginning of December, I will be 32 weeks then with some time to go which is perfect cos then it gives us time to get whatever we should still need.

I must admit that the further along I get the more I worry. All sorts of things keep me awake at night besides a busy little bub, I find myself thinking about things that I never thought would bug me, irrelevant things but I suppose it’s all part of it. They say the worry never ends and I think they may be right 😉

Frank is bonding with his little girl more and more. He talks to my tummy so much now, puts both hands on my belly with his face right there, almost interacts with her. He tells her that he loves her and that she must grow big and strong for us. He sits with his ipod on my tummy and plays her music and then gets this cheesy grin on his face as she wiggles and kicks in response. I can’t wait to see her in his arms.

She’s a real wiggle bottom now, the kicks are so strong and the movements make my whole tummy move, I often sit with my hands on my tum and poke her in reponse. I giggle as she goes wild in there, I am certainly loving this phase of my pregnancy. The third trimester brings with it some interesting changes, I think I’ve grown quite a bit in the last 4 weeks and it sometimes feels like I’m waddling already. People comment on and touch my tummy a lot and for the most part I don’t mind (obviously depending on the mood for the day). I do find that I am more emotional and cry at the drop of a hat nowdays, some days I’m so uncomfy and others i’m fine. I can’t do as much as I used to without my body telling to slow down, I spend a lot of time sitting or lying down nowdays and this heat is absolutely killing me!

We had our 28 week scan last week with our 3D scan this week, little miss is growing well and everything is looking good. She was lying head up facing my spine on Friday but thankfully turned to face the front by Monday so we got to see her precious little face, I am even more in love now than I ever thought I could be! Here are some pics:

Side profile - feet crossed in front of face 🙂

Snuggling with my placenta

Sleeping beauty

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