Man alive, can you believe that title. Never in my wildest dreams did I think i’d be sitting here with a 36 week belly, expecting my baby girl and waiting just 20 days for her to arrive. Madness I tell you!

It’s been a while since I posted, time has completely lost me with it’s speed and so much has happened. In the last 7 weeks my little sweeheart has grown rapidly:

28 weeks she was 1.2kg’s – 30 weeks a whopping 1.769kg’s – 32 weeks 2.050kg’s; 34 weeks 2.397 and we’ll see what she is on friday. She should be somewhere from 2.7kg’s now. Obviously these are estimates, doc thinks she will be a petite baby weighing between 2.9kg’s and 3.1kg’s so we’ll see.

We had a bit of a scare at 30 weeks, I was getting some strange pains which resulted in rushing into the gynie for a non-stress test, everything was fine but I was warned to slow down as I have a irritable uterus. That was enough to make me slow right down and take it easier. My ute complains when I do too much now, especially since she’s getting bigger by the week. She is still a very busy bub, has seemed to form a nice routine, is quite busy during the day and settles down by 10 or so at night. Her movements have gotten so interesting now, she still moves so much for a 36 week baby, their movements are supposed to slow down but she seems to think she had lots of space even tho mamma disagrees. Sometimes her movements are quite sore and my ribs are taking a battering.

She has been head down since 32 weeks and from the breathtaking pains i’m getting really low down this week, I think she’s moving into the birth canal. I keep on wondering if she’s going to stay in until my planned 39 week ceaser date. This last part is definately interesting and while I love having her move and become more and more real, I can understand why some women want their babies out earlier than planned. Your body does some different things, in fact it feels like it doesn’t belong to you anymore. My feet and hands are swollen and sore, my feet get better at night while I sleep while my hands get worse, I often wake up with pins and needles in them now. My back is starting to take strain as my tummy’s shape changes, I don’t sleep well at all and am up most nights in the middle of the night, not because of her waking me but purely cos I just can’t sleep. I still feel incredibly blessed to be carrying this little miracle girl, nothing in my life so far can compare with this experience!

I’m lucky that i’m still carrying quite compactly, she’s really all in the front altho I feel like I look like a monkey nut 😉 I have stopped putting on weight now, not because i’m not eating but because I can’t eat a lot. I’m getting a bit of morning sickness again and so I eat a lot of fruit, I’m on protein shakes now too cos some days meat or chicken just makes me feel yuck. As long as sweetpea is gaining weight then we all happy. To date I have put on 13kg’s which let me tell you, feels like a lot!

Her room is finally finished, her camping cot and pram put together. My bag and hers for the hospital is packed so we are ready if she chooses to come early. I still feel quite calm at the thought of her birth, i’m ready now and so is Frank altho he worries more than I do about parenthood. I know that we will be fine, all I can think of is the moment she is placed in my arms. I can’t wait to breathe her in, to look at her face and to hold her close to my heart.

In the meantime, i’ve had three baby showers, two from work and one home one where we were spoilt rotten! It was all very special and overwhelming at the same time. We are very blessed to have so many people that are excited about this baby in our lives. My very special friend Sam went out of her way to make my day special and put in so much effort. I love you my friend!

Here are some recent pics, baby shower and christmas…

My special friend Sam and me 🙂

Aunty Sam harassing Sweetpea 😉

My favourite little boy, sweet Kade!

SO Spoilt!

My cake!!

My husband playing silly buggers...

Work baby shower gifts

Last Christmas as two...