Our story so far…

I married my best friend and soul mate in March 2005 and went of BCP in May 2005.

We tried timed intercourse for a year before going for tests with a gynea who said that we were both fine.

In June 2006, I had my 3rd cyst on my right ovary removed and we proceeded to see various doctors with no luck.

In Oct 2006, we started seeing Dr. J @ Vitalab and did a Timed intercourse cycle with trigger – BFN

In Nov 2006, I had my 4th Lapscope with Dr J which revealed Stage II Endometriosis and a Pollyp that he removed. They also discovered hostile mucus and a progesterone dificiency during our first IUI…

Dec 2006 – Un-medicated IUI #1 – BFN
Jan 2007 – Medicated IUI #2 – BFN
Feb/March 2007 – Taking a break…
April 2007 – Medicated IUI #3 – BFN
May/June 2007 – IVF/ICSI #1 (two day three embryo’s transferred) – BFN
July, Aug & Sept 2007 – DIY Cycles…
Oct 2007 – IVF #2 (FET #1) (three day three thawed embryo’s transferred) – BFN
Nov/Dec/Jan – Time to heal…
Feb/Mar/Apr 2008 – Trying natrually with homeopathy & accupuncture!
May 2008 – Franks SA & bloods reveal low FSH – 6 weeks on Menopur to improve sperm quality…
July 2008 – IVF #3 (2 “beautiful” 5 day blasts transferred) – BFN                                          

June 2009 – Lap, hysteroscopy and polypectomy to get ready for IVF #4. We decide we not ready and that I’ll go on the pill so that I didn’t get more polyps until we’re ready!

Dec 2009, we decide that we’ll be doing GIFT with intralipids in 2010.

Feb 2010, we get ready to do GIFT and they find another polyp(even with me being on the pill) and think that this may have been the issue all along –  so I have to have another hysteroscopy and polypectomy and on we go with GIFT asap.

GIFT failed, not sure what the plan is from here….


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